Peminat Cik Lya ~ tQ :)

itu lebih baik!

Sight unseen

Not nice, but mean

To cast a stone


In what direction

Will it hurt

Or harm

What does it matter

Where you come from

All that matter is

You're here

So much easier to hide

Behind the curtain

But you never get to know

The sunshine

If you are standing under the rainclouds

Of doubt

To scared to open the door

So don't be so quick to judge me

Because I am somebody new

Just take some time to

Know me

As time is all there is

Don't let the tomorrows slip away

Let go of your fear

It's okay to be scared

But don't let that stop you

From being my friend

I understand how you feel

Listen to your own heart

And not to what others may say

About me

Take some time

And soon you will see

That I am something

As special as You

You don't have to say a


Just walk beside me

And just be


itu lebih baik...

B urself... (^__~)

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