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Cupcake Tier is a strange keyword I found while browsing the Web looking for information regarding what are cupcakes. What on Earth could "cupcake tier" mean???
Being a French speaker, I was disturbed by the word "tier". In French, "tier" means a third part of something. Therefore, a tier cup means 0.333 cup. Were people looking for "1/3" smaller or bigger cupcakes than average cupcakes? Hm... What did that mean?
On the road again for a search through Google for "cupcake tier". The results brought me to pages named "Tiered cupcakes". Well, this wasn't more instructive. And what about you, do you know what cupcake tier means?

wat do you meaning by sweetheart or cupcakes??like child..:)

Such bliss to be trendy! You sip a cappuccino on a Paris quai, languidly riffling through the foxed pages of your most recent incunabulary acquisition, a 1495 edition of Ovid’s Ars amatoria, purchased from a bouquiniste’s stall pitched on the parapets along the slow-flowing Seine. Past your table saunters a learned throng of students ambling toward the Sorbonne.

To your cappuccino-tasting companion, you comment on how Starbuck’s, hot coffee merchants, had to tidy up their corporate logo of a mermaid in the United States . American evangelical cross-clutchers gasped in offended holiness as they imagined that the rippling waves under the mermaid’s split tail fin were obscene, pudendal, alarming. Ewwwww! A sea-going yoni in the middle of a God-fearin’ Amurrican coffee shop. Summon the Marines! “Yes, soldier, eyes left! Possible yonic visual reference in public food emporium.” On second thought, belay that summons to the Marines, mate. They might attempt to mount the mermaid logo.

Any hint of female sexual power naturally dismays and frightens worthy Christian gentlemen of the Rapture-awaiting right-wing. Why, if I even gaze upon such soul-corrupting filth, I might be given a rain check on Rapture day! Eek! For, of course, these sexist bigots and spiritual twits are the same evangelical rocket scientists who put Bush and Cheney in power; so it’s no strain to calibrate their collective brain mass and its approximate equivalence to the weight of one hair from the Dynel wig of Tammy Faye Baker or one tress from the twat of Sarah Palin.

Let us therefore press on to matters of weightier import, to wit, the origin of the coffee term, cappuccino. A cappuccino is a coffee drink made of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. Espresso is an Italian past participle meaning “pressed out.” A coffee-making machine invented in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century contains a pump that presses or forces hot water through fine-ground coffee. The expressed coffee is thick and sweet and rich. Steamed milk foam is beaten into the espresso and a daub of frothy, foamy milk from the top of the steaming milk pitcher is floated on the surface of the coffee. That’s a cappuccino.

karipapkaripap cinta..baru je lya beli semalam kat RM14 je..murah...hehe..bes cite ni..bukan dvd tapi only in book..hee..korang nmpak tak resepi cane nak buat karipap cinte tuh?care nye...
~1 ulas rasa suke
~1 botol ati gembira
~1 biji rendah diri (saiz besar)
~secubit rasa rindu
~3 batang tanggungjawab dipotong halus
~3 bekas cita-cita
~10 guni kejujuran (diayak utk buang kata dusta)
~ramuan di adun ngan ilmu dan akal
~mskkn dlm kuali ersahabatan,tunggu sehingga masak
~dah masak hidangkan bersama org yang tersayang..
senang kan??selamat mencuba...

memory lya yag tak pernah ujud lagi...nak tau tak ape dier??lya nak duduk kat tengah bendang sawah tuh...nak jerit puas2 nak lepaskan tensen..masalah umah...keje...cinte..sume nak bagi lepas walaupun cume sekejap je...cantik kan pemandangan kat sawah niih...tempat ni bile lya otw nak ke telok intan...luas sgt..

ni la ikan versi gula-gula..mang sweet...lya tak beli pon...ade someone yang bagi..huh..jangan slh phm..bukan someone yang spesel pon..supervisor tempat keje yang bagi...RM2 je harge die..cute kan..tapi rasenya..peh.melekat2 kat gigi..adik lya pon tamau makan..hahaha...tapi saje je la nak snap pix..

luv cup cake

do you luv cup cake??huhu..lya ta bape minat sgt cup cake..tapi design die yang buat lya minat...cute kan??erm...
sekitar di kedai roti (da lupe ar name kedai tuh)..lya nak beli satu je sepatut nye..ngan machau tart..pastu sales gurl tuh kate baek beli due cup cake tuh..dapat cheap price ngan kotak cute..em..bedal jela kan...huhu..tuh yang beli tuh..flaky choc cake ngan cherry choc cake..smua skali RM6.90..wahahaha...saje je beli sbb cute..haa...tak mkn gi..tak smpai ati nak makan..huhu..
lya LUV cupcake..